Wanderurlaub Individuell

In der folgenden Übersicht finden Sie alle Wanderurlaubsangebote für 2008 nach Ihren individuellen Terminwünschen.

Die Mindestteilnehmerzahl beträgt 3 Personen, bzw. zwei Personen mit Zuzahlung für die dritte Person. Maximale Gruppengröße : 6 Personen

2008 mögliche Termine

Zeitraum 15. März 08 - 01.Januar 09

Geführter Wanderurlaub

nach eigenen Urlaubsterminen



Vergünstigte Preise


Jeden Freitag(1.Tag ) bis Donnerstag (letzter Tag)

ONDATremonti 1 Woche

Schwerpunkt Naturarchitektur und Naturschauspiele

1 Woche Ringwanderung mit Gepäckservice
€ 523,00

Bestehende Gruppe von mindestens 5 Personen Preis/Person 469,00€


ausser 01.08. - 28.08.08
Buchung individuelle Termine: bis 6 Wochen vorher möglich   ONDA Baukastenpreis € 478,00
Jeden Freitag(1.Tag ) bis Donnerstag (letzter Tag)

ONDATremonti 3 Tage

Wanderurlaub 3 Tage Kurzurlaub

€ 285,00
Bestehende Gruppe von mindestens 5 Personen Preis/Person 234,00 €
ausser 01.08.-28.08.08
Buchung individuelle Termine: bis 6 Wochen vorher möglich

€ 254,00



ONDACilentoantico 3 Tage

Gustowanderung Die Landschaft schmecken

3 Tage Kurzurlaub für Gourmets und Anwärter/innen

€ 265,00
Existing group of minimum 6 persons:Price/person 225,00 €

ONDA Individual Composite -Price € 248,00


15.03.08.- 01.01.09 Every Friday (1st day) to Thursday (last day)Except 01.08.-28.08.08

6 weeks notice

ONDACilentoantico 1 week

Circular Walking Tour

On Pilgrims Traces

€ 604,00

Existing group of minimum 5 persons:Price/person € 556,00


ONDA Individual Composite -Price € 567,00


and according to your individual agenda

6 weeks notice


Discover and Enjoy

LITTLE JEWELS 1 week Tour discovering two different areas


Existing group of minimum 6 persons:Price/person € 639,00


ONDA Individual Composite -Price 648,00 €


3- 5 days notice


Discover and enjoy

1 Cilento Active Holiday

€ 40 -€ 65

ONDA Individual Composite- Price :

starting with 3 activities : - 5%



We organize a wide range vacation activities in the Park: You can join our Exclusive Vacation Activity Programmes, always starting with only three persons (or paying the difference). Walk with your personal english speaking guide in small individual groups through the Cilento`s history, visit botanical and geological rarities, experience the Gourmet-school with our sommelier and taste fine mediterranean flavours in our courses of cuisine( in English language), go horseriding, sailing with your personal English speaking skipper, go to fishing with the fishermen, circle around by minibus with your personal guide or or even join our State recognized Italian language courses with integrated cultural programs and excursions. All our ONDA Individual holiday programmes will assist you to enjoy your time, getting to know people and their culture and habits with more clarity and in the most direct way. We would appreciate your request for further information us

Italian Language

Courses 2008

8 days

in the fishers' village Acciaroli

Time table /prices 2008

Living in your own apartment (single apartment, or with two, three or four persons) with nice terrace in close vicinity with the former hotel where Ernest Hemingway stayed for several months, ONDA BERLIN offers various levels of professional Italian Language Courses (Courses in English language: ( Level A1 and A2)


Italian Language courses minigroups of max.5 persons

Individual lessons on request according to your personal agenda

For self-guided tours , please contact us. We offer individual pages for pricing. Consider: Not all the routes on existing maps are continously accessible, even marked on plans and maps. The walking possibilities depend on regular cleaning of the tracks, especiallly after the winter periods and on many other ‘natural events.' Only a professional guide controls from day to day and knows exactly the conditions of his routes and their alternatives. contact