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National Park Cilento ONDATREMONTI

In the green heart of the Park

Ancient Natural architecture und Natural Spectacles

Botanical, Geological und Archaeological Rarities in the Park more

6 days Circular Hiking Tour in one of the finest and most unspoiled and original areas of the National Park Cilento , one cuisine-evening included

One week escorted by your professional guides living in the the aria and with in-depth knowledge of the area and the items of the single routes.
Eighteen kilometers of sheer rocky coastline , terraced hills and vineyards sloping steeply down to the sea. Five little villages are built into the rocks between the beach and the hills. You can hike between the villages, swim, explore the towns, drink red wine, and watch blazing Mediterranean sunsets.  Centuries old footpaths and mule tracks wind high above the sea, leading through olive groves and vineyards, orchards and chestnut woods.
Overview on the week

1st day


Just book a flight to Rome or Naples and take the train to Paestum ( around 1 hour from Naples, passing by Pompei/ around 2 hours from Rome). We will wait for you at the train station. After a nice aperitivo with a glance at the very suggestive ancient greek temple city of Paestum we will accompany you up to the enchanting Hotel de charme , an old manor house in the hills above Paestum.

Our first accommodation is a fine arts restored manor house having kept its XVII century structure with watch-towers and loop-holes along the walls, stables and mangers, an oil-mill built of stone, cellars and bread ovens.  An old reservoir by a spring-water well, in the open and panoramic garden, has been turned into a swimming pool with hydromassage. Just relax and enjoy the beautiful property. In the evening after dinner meeting with our first guide who introduces us to the walking itinarary.

Without any need of your own car just enjoy to take a deep breath in one of the most finest and unspoilt areas of the Cilento National Park. For six days you will be escorted by excellent, English speaking guides, always particularly involved in the area we walk in. Each walking day we hike 10-12 km/8-10 miles and the maximum height is 600 metres/2000 feet.

2nd - 7th day Circular Walking Tour ONDATremonti

in 6 daily walking tours ( of about 5 to 6 hours)

Shortcut Walking Diary


Our guide escorts us on the softly winding path up to the Appenine highlands, mountains peaks towering beyond the sky. Today our maximum ascend height is around 500 metres reaching the peak of the Montevesole. We pass ancient historical routes where Spartacus lost his last battles and enjoy beautiful natural waterfalls, in ancient times considered holy water. Spectacular views on hills, valleys and mountains with the ocean line behind and the variety of vegetation and habitats with very old trees and forests constitute an extraordinary day.....


EATING THE VIEW. On the peak of the Monte Vesole a picnic with specialties of this area and a nice glass of characteristic wine are waiting for us.....

Afterwards walking on easy tracks we arrive at the small inn. Our charming hosts are passionately fond of cuisine, garden and fruit-growing. The inn is situated in an exclusive position above the small mediaeval village center ( about 5 minutes of walk) in a large private property with own gardens and woods.....

...................Thanks to our participants for their contribution to this shortcut. Continues..................................................

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